Escape from New York: Hudson, NY

It was just another one of those weekends when Ian and I had nothing on the books, but our need to leave the city was overwhelming. Adventure, or something like it, was calling. Hudson, NY is by no means an exotic getaway, but it promised some respite from the urban grind. Just two hours viaContinue reading “Escape from New York: Hudson, NY”

Photo Essay: Tasting Southold Farm + Cellar | North Fork, Long Island

Sundays have become my day of adventure, apparently. Bored with brunch and general city going-ons, Ian and I have taken to exploring the greater New York-area and its environs, in-depth. Sometimes, it’s as close as the Upper West Side, or Brooklyn. Other times, it’s gallivanting off to rural Pennsylvania for a lumberjack festival. This week,Continue reading “Photo Essay: Tasting Southold Farm + Cellar | North Fork, Long Island”

Rainy Autumn Playlist: Color | Drain

By the time I got off the L in Bushwick this evening, the sky—which had threatened rain all day—released its wet freight. Underground a mere minutes before I butted heads with meteorology, I had already decided to take the long route home, if only to be outside for a short while. I even wanted to goContinue reading “Rainy Autumn Playlist: Color | Drain”

Profilin’: Mary McAuley of The Ripe Life Wines

I want my wines to be consistently good, yes, but I want each year to speak to the vineyards and the grapes they come from. It’s like buying mass-produced art prints of a famous work versus having a different artist reinterpret that same work, and each time produce something new.

Wine Discovery: Louis-Antoine Luyt

So I get to do some pretty cool shit, like this last week: Wines of Chile hosted a Wine Bar War featuring four sommeliers from around NYC. Basically, it was a battle of pop-ups, but in this case, the medium wasn’t food but wine. “Alright,” you may be saying to yourself. “I can dig that.”Continue reading “Wine Discovery: Louis-Antoine Luyt”

Wine Craving: Red Tail Ridge’s Sparkling Teroldego

Listen up: if you’re not currently drinking wine from the Finger Lakes, you’re missing out. And if you’re not drinking Red Tail Ridge, well, I feel sorry for you, your kids and your future grandkids. Red Tail Ridge first came on my radar a few months back, when I doing research for an endangered grapes storyContinue reading “Wine Craving: Red Tail Ridge’s Sparkling Teroldego”

Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the mercury starts to dip, we are naturally more inclined to heartier, warming reds. You know: chewy Malbecs, bone-warming Cabs, spicy Tempranillos. But what if you prefer white wine? Vino blanco gets a bad rap during winter months. “It’s for spring,” you say? Bah! Sipping chilled white (especially from a traditionally cooler-climate country like Germany,Continue reading “Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps”

A Blast From My Wine-selling Past

Look at the baby me sell wine! Or at least try to cover some ground when someone more qualified than myself didn’t show up for the video. ANYWAY, I’m clearly nowhere near the wine education I’m at now, but hell, I think I did a good job… Tell me things! Throw stones! Point fingers andContinue reading “A Blast From My Wine-selling Past”