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Photo Essay: Tasting Southold Farm + Cellar | North Fork, Long Island

Sundays have become my day of adventure, apparently. Bored with brunch and general city going-ons, Ian and I have taken to exploring the greater New York-area and its environs, in-depth. Sometimes, it’s as close as the Upper West Side, or Brooklyn. Other times, it’s gallivanting off to rural Pennsylvania for a lumberjack festival. This week, though, we took to Long Island to spend time with friends in the North Fork. Naturally, there was plenty of wine.

Whitney + Wine: How Will I Mourn?

What were you doing when Whitney Houston passed over the weekend? I, like everyone else, bumped the shit out of her discography. And, naturally, did so over a bottle of vino. I’ve loved Whitney Houston since I was but a lad and I don’t think anything I write can properly express how much I’m going to miss her. Were I to delve into my earliest memories, I remember only four different musical talents being played in my home: Prince, Michael Bolton, Phil Collins and Whitney. Can you guess the two I loved the most? Whitney was my earliest in musical education. I remember how my limbs moved of their own accord when she came on, how my little tiny vocal cords wanted to belt it out with her. She brought me such joy and lightness, and fuck all if I don’t want to cry my eyes out right now. It’s often said our most powerful sense is our sense of smell. Smell is tied directly to taste, and if you consult someone more science-y than …