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16 Lessons I’ve Learned After 4 Years in New York

I’ve made it something of a regular occurrence to post anniversary checkins every year at August 15, but this year, my fourth anniversary as a New Yorker came and went. Rather than a long winded essay—as is my wont—I thought it’d be appropriate to post some lessons I’ve learned so far. (Hashtag basic, amirite?) I posted a version of this on my Facebook, so apologies for the repetition. Without further ado: It’s ok to cry on the street. It’s even better to cry in an ATM vestibule. Let your account balance be your guide. If you believe a cab is a quicker way from Point A to Point B, you WILL get stuck in traffic. More money makes it easier to live here, yes, but don’t underestimate the restorative power of a walk through Central Park while eating a plain slice. New Yorkers are a lot nicer than their reputation belies. Except the Times Square Cookie Monster. He’s an asshole. Never tell a cabbie where you’re going until your ass is firmly in seat. Until then, …

It’s New Year’s. Get Me a Sandwich, Stat.

Like, oh, the rest of the world ringing in the New Year, I’m reflecting on 2014. Was it a good year? Yeah, I’d say so. I traveled more, worked harder, developed new skills and largely avoided not dying. Someone get me a prize! The flip side of reflecting on the New Year is dipping a hopeful toe in Jan. 1, the calendar date equivalent of fresh fallen snow. “Should I be prettier and thinner this year, or just nicer?” “Should I try harder or maintain the status quo?” “Do I finally make it to Paris this year?”