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Man in library with white, wave-like shelves.

WTF is Stock & Flow: On creating a daily blogging practice

So I kinda decided, arbitrarily, to blog everyday. I’m in a new life season — see last post — which means I’ve been more or less trying on new hats and seeing what fits; daily blogging feels like a worthy exercise to blow away some mental cobwebs. I haven’t blogged regularly in, well, ever. For the last decade, give or take a couple of months, I’ve always written or edited for another publication, so personal blogging just felt indulgent. Unnecessary. Now I question that mindset: What if I had also been producing my own work all along? Where would I be as a writer? Oh, I was always writing for myself, sure. Snippets of a journal entry here, a longer Facebook update or a tweet or a longer-than-advised Instagram caption. The quick dopamine hit of “publishing” that “content” was enough to keep me away from here, my platform (or whatever this website is). And then, last week or so, I came across author-illustrator Austin Kleon’s blog post about daily blogging, where he cites Robin Sloan’s …

#EmptyMet Tour: Asses of Antiquity

I got to do a fun thing yesterday: explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but after dark! I was invited by the Yahoo! Travel team to join a ragtag group of bloggers, travel media and the odd reality TV star to case tour the joint alongside one of the original social media gurus, Sree Sreenivasan, formerly of Columbia University and now the museum’s Chief Digital Officer. I was invited a few weeks ago, so leading up to the day, I was pumped! Who doesn’t want to explore the Met without anyone else around? I had done something similar ages ago, at the Natural History Museum, so my expectations were set a little high. That particular visit was rife with demos, behind-the-scenes looks at exhibition creation, in-depth Q&As, and hey, even a little wine. What a treat! This wasn’t that.

Honeyed Youth + South of the Border Sky

For Mexico-based photographer Joel Sossa, youth is not fleeting, but forever. Whether capturing those lazy summer days which seemingly stretch on for infinity, or road trips through the desert with friends, his sun-soaked photos are a dreamy suggestion that love, friendship and youth are simply pure distillation of light. The 23 year old’s photography, though shot through a modern camera with a contemporary eye, feel like vintage photos from the 70s, where love was wild, free and unencumbered by the world’s trappings. The photographs seem to ooze with a nostalgia you didn’t know you had.