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New Toys + Sunday Adventures

Last week, I joined the ranks of so-called “prosumers” and got my hands on a sweet new toy: a Lumix GF6 Micro 4/3s camera. While I’ve wanted to go the DSLR route, I don’t have the capital or the desire to lug a beast of a camera around me when all I’ll end up doing is posting to here/Instagram. At the same time, I didn’t want a dinky little toy camera that would produce grainy photos. Months of research lead me to Ruthie (yes, she has a name). Interchangeable lenses, lots of manual features, built-in WiFi (for, you know, Insta-ing): She’s packing the “just right” heat I’ve been looking for. While I’m still getting use to her, I am excited to get over the learning curve and blog about my goings-on around the city more. First things first, though: I gotta get over how self-conscious I get when I’m just out and about, shooting like a schmo. Before I blather on for too long, here’re a couple of shots from this weekend. So far, so …

Honeyed Youth + South of the Border Sky

For Mexico-based photographer Joel Sossa, youth is not fleeting, but forever. Whether capturing those lazy summer days which seemingly stretch on for infinity, or road trips through the desert with friends, his sun-soaked photos are a dreamy suggestion that love, friendship and youth are simply pure distillation of light. The 23 year old’s photography, though shot through a modern camera with a contemporary eye, feel like vintage photos from the 70s, where love was wild, free and unencumbered by the world’s trappings. The photographs seem to ooze with a nostalgia you didn’t know you had. 

Copenhagen + Halos

I was lucky: my hotel room faced southeast. I felt the sun (when there were no clouds) peek through the gossamer curtains, waking me up with a soft orange kiss. I always woke around dawn. Good, because I had work to do; terrible, because I had work to do. After a quick shower, I slipped into my clothes and boots and headed out. I would turn left upon leaving the airy stone lobby. Another left put me on Kalvebod Brygge, a thorough way which would take me closer to my destination, Christianhavn. I expected a fifteen minute walk and there was no hurry. I had walked miles of cobblestone for days, but always near the city center. This morning, I walked for myself.

World’s Largest Collection of World’s Smallest Version of the World’s Largest Things

“I love finding the bizarre and unexpected that many people pass up because they don’t want to be ‘taken in’ by a tourist trap. I want to see!” So says Erika Nelson, founder and creative mind behind the wandering World’s Largest Collection of World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things. Tourist traps are Nelson’s stock-in-trade, having navigated the country’s backroads and highways in search of the monuments to eccentricity, creativity and good-ole Americana. World’s Largest Things is exactly what it sounds like: curated by Nelson, it is a collection of models resembling those “World’s Largest” things you see on the road when traveling. The World’s Largest Thermometer, Penny, Turkey… You name it, Nelson’s most likely seen it, not to mention created a miniature version of said thing. Eccentric? Absolutely. But to Nelson, it’s much more than that. What started as a childhood way of navigating distance to Grandma’s house became an artistic pursuit involving many logged hours on the road, collecting stories from around the country. Nelson, who’s seen 200 of around 350 “World’s …