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Hello! My name is Joseph Hernandez.

I am the Deputy Food Editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer, and formerly served as the Research Director for Bon Appetít, and a former editor of The Chicago Tribune, SevenFifty Daily, Thrillist, and Wine Enthusiast. I am also recent fellow of both The Poynter Institute’s Leadership Academy and The National Critics Institute.

Passionate about the the intersections of food, wine, and travel with the culture at large, I am dedicated to exploring how to go beyond what’s served on the plate or in the glass. I’ve worked with and written about world-famous chefs. I managed a wine shop and (questionably) bartended. I produced a travel writer’s conference set in Copenhagen’s Circus, and worked as a changemaker within the James Beard Foundation. I was a Sandwich Artist. (I’d argue I still am.) I can saber a bottle of Champagne with a butter knife. This is all to say I’m happiest when I can learn by doing, and passionate about making food, wine and journalism more inclusive for all people.

In that vein, I’ve spoken at panels, on podcasts, in college classrooms, and to fellow media professionals about the food, travel, and media industries. From how to pitch editors to creating inclusive food and wine spaces, I’m happy to discuss how I can share my expertise with your audience. Speaking credits include but are not limited to: The Racist Sandwich podcast, Helen Zell Writers’ Program at the University of Michigan, The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, Columbia College Chicago, Travel ConInternational Association of Culinary Professionals, and Chicago Style, among many others.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York, though I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Orange County, California, and matured in Chicago. I live with my husband and our grumpy hedgehog, Hedgewig.

Want to work together? Email me.

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