New Toys + Sunday Adventures

Last week, I joined the ranks of so-called “prosumers” and got my hands on a sweet new toy: a Lumix GF6 Micro 4/3s camera. While I’ve wanted to go the DSLR route, I don’t have the capital or the desire to lug a beast of a camera around me when all I’ll end up doing is posting to here/Instagram. At the same time, I didn’t want a dinky little toy camera that would produce grainy photos. Months of research lead me to Ruthie (yes, she has a name). Interchangeable lenses, lots of manual features, built-in WiFi (for, you know, Insta-ing): She’s packing the “just right” heat I’ve been looking for. While I’m still getting use to her, I am excited to get over the learning curve and blog about my goings-on around the city more. First things first, though: I gotta get over how self-conscious I get when I’m just out and about, shooting like a schmo.

Before I blather on for too long, here’re a couple of shots from this weekend. So far, so good.

Bicyclette rouge2 better

The bf and I recently decided to implement Sunday adventures, as it’s the only day of the week either of us really have off. Before heading out on the cultural leg of the day, we opted for a late breakfast. A quick gander at Google yielded Bo’s near the Flatiron, which promised brunch-y delights a la New Orleans. Score.

Quick tell: The restaurant opened back in October, ’13, but has only been offering brunch for the last 4 weekends. The room is airy, and when we went, it was relatively empty; definitely check it out before other brunchspotters get wind.

The order: Grilled romaine salad with cherry tomatoes, asparagus and Meyer lemon vinaigrette; biscuits and gravy; Bo’s breakfast sandwich (super tasty, but boring to photograph); cocktails were refreshing but had too much ice/watered down. Stick to the playful wine list.

I was dumb and asked to be seated in the back, even though there was so much natural light in the friendly bar area out front. As such, I was forced to play with low, yellow light. Womp womp. A bit of in camera color correction wasn’t so bad, though. The really subtle purple of my Bicyclette Rouge cocktail (above) is basically washed out; the below biscuits and gravy look oozy, but I ain’t mad about the composition. Note to self: always request a window seat.


In honor of National Library Week, we took a jaunt to the Morgan Library to check out the Little Prince exhibit, which was charming and enlightening. Did you know Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote it when he was in New York? Neither did I. Displaying the manuscripts throughout the gallery, the Morgan explores de Saint-Exupéry’s creative decisions in crafting his charming story about an alien prince. They wouldn’t let me shoot in the gallery (boo, hiss), but it’s still worth checking out; the exhibition ends April 27.

While you’re there, check out Piermont Morgan’s awesome three floor library (there’s a Gutenberg!) and his private study, which is straight outta True Blood. 


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