Spring Time Up in Here

Edited magnolias

Welp, the Polar Vortex has become the Pollen Vortex. Us allergy-prone suckers are fucked. 

But! But it’s spring, which means short-shorts, roller skates, sunshine-y street struttin’ music… Or is that just me? 

Real-talk: the last few weeks have done wonders for my psyche. Before, the cold, damp grey wanted me to right.

Unfortunately, my nose is now the bane of my existence, but screw it. Here comes the sun, y’all! Flowers be bloomin’, so rosés be poppin’.

Surprise, surprise. 

I’m a sucker for a crisp, floral rosé. Always open to a recommendation, I went to my colleague, Alex, tasting coordinator at the ‘Thuse, and he passed me this bottle of juice. 

While I spent my day spring-cleaning/playing with the new camera, I took a break with a glass (or three…) of Sheldrake Point’s dry rosé. Hailing from the Finger Lakes (one of my favorite regions; get into it), the bottle was a whiff of freshness: grassy green notes mixed with hints of cherry fruit. Compared to the dust I was kicking up cleaning my bookshelf, it was a welcome note of zest on an otherwise boring Saturday. 

While I scramble for a new neti pot, I’m gonna keep my nose in the glass. Freak much?

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