Pomp + Circumstance: Another Rosé from Provence

Another day, another rosé from Provence. Truth be told, I think I stumbled upon my first gateway-wine with my last tasting. I was lucky enough to taste this beauty (Pomponette) at work and were it not for its small production/limited supply, I’d daresay I found my vino for the summer. Think about your perfect day. The smells, theContinue reading “Pomp + Circumstance: Another Rosé from Provence”

Move Along, Spring: Pouring Triennes Rosé, Just Cuz

Ok, so it’s raining outside. Whatever. The calendar says March 20, which in my head translates to “see ya, Father Winter.” In celebration, I’m pouring me some rosé. Now look, I’m a man with working manparts and I just don’t understand what everyone’s deal is with us masculine-types drinking the blush. It’s good. It’s refreshing.Continue reading “Move Along, Spring: Pouring Triennes Rosé, Just Cuz”