The Devil Made Me Drink It

It’s Wednesday and I have the night to myself.

This is huge. Huge like whoa. My roommate is out doing her lovely I’m-young-and-fun-city thing, while Ian is working, selling wine like a boss before heading home to Queens. Hell, even the overfed cats are sleeping.

What to do, what to do… Oh look, Sablonnette’s Le Bon Petit Diable, sitting pretty in the wine rack. Problem solved.

This juice is my jam: made from biodynamically-grown Cabernet Franc from Loire, this devil-child is an easy-sipping glass of joy. I mean, just look at the label! Frolicking from couch to arm chair, probably sticky with pie and/or cookies and/or other things that make kids sticky, this Batkid is living the carefree life.

So is the stuff beyond the label. Floral nose with a cheerfully cherry palate. Bright, whimsical and young acidity. A slight glimpse at its naughty, cheeky natural wine origins.

I can only equate what’s happening in my mouth to the ridiculous and uncomplicated thrill of wrapping a towel-cape around my neck as a baby-person and kicking major bad guy ass, washing down the victory with a jelly-and-Wonder Bread sammich.

Cuz that’s how Batkid rolls. 

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