Juneau’s Local Royalty

It can never be said that Juneau is easy to reach. The only US state capital with no road access, it can only be accessed by air and plane, according to Welcometoalaska.com. In this isolated seaside town, I never expected to come across–in my opinion–the best chowder, hands down. Like, seriously.

Copenhagen + Halos

I was lucky: my hotel room faced southeast. I felt the sun (when there were no clouds) peek through the gossamer curtains, waking me up with a soft orange kiss. I always woke around dawn. Good, because I had work to do; terrible, because I had work to do. After a quick shower, I slippedContinue reading “Copenhagen + Halos”

Douglas Coupland’s Vancouver

As a blogger, wanna-be storyteller, social media neophyte d-bag, I find it hard to fathom any one of our ilk not having read Douglas Coupland’s work. His seminal Generation X (and popularization of said term) speaks to our collective post-Reagan need to connect, to inspire, to live for something greater, real. Admittedly, I’m just beyond the Gen XContinue reading “Douglas Coupland’s Vancouver”