WTF is Stock & Flow: On creating a daily blogging practice

So I kinda decided, arbitrarily, to blog everyday. I’m in a new life season — see last post — which means I’ve been more or less trying on new hats and seeing what fits; daily blogging feels like a worthy exercise to blow away some mental cobwebs. I haven’t blogged regularly in, well, ever. ForContinue reading “WTF is Stock & Flow: On creating a daily blogging practice”

Why I Probably Don’t Write

It’s a Sunday autumn morning. The sky is grey, but the kind of backlit, sunny grey that happens when the clouds are part wispy, part dense. The wind is strong; the trees are swaying back and forth and there is a brisk chill in the air, not unlike the crispness that comes with holding aContinue reading “Why I Probably Don’t Write”