WTF is Stock & Flow: On creating a daily blogging practice

So I kinda decided, arbitrarily, to blog everyday. I’m in a new life season — see last post — which means I’ve been more or less trying on new hats and seeing what fits; daily blogging feels like a worthy exercise to blow away some mental cobwebs. I haven’t blogged regularly in, well, ever. ForContinue reading “WTF is Stock & Flow: On creating a daily blogging practice”

It’s New Year’s. Get Me a Sandwich, Stat.

Like, oh, the rest of the world ringing in the New Year, I’m reflecting on 2014. Was it a good year? Yeah, I’d say so. I traveled more, worked harder, developed new skills and largely avoided not dying. Someone get me a prize! The flip side of reflecting on the New Year is dipping aContinue reading “It’s New Year’s. Get Me a Sandwich, Stat.”

Saturday Morning Flights of Fancy

I woke up this morning feeling some type of way, a kind of abstract restlessness I get when I feel like I haven’t done my share. The best way I can describe it is my sense of the absence of enough. I’m sure you can relate? For me, enough is that sunrise just over theContinue reading “Saturday Morning Flights of Fancy”

In Which I Decide to go for a Run

Today, I went on a run through Brooklyn. Don’t laugh; I’m actually not the tubby, bed-ridden troll my food and wine posts will have you believe. Now, this post is more a thinky, “I have feelings about something” post, mostly about my move to this city. So there I was, halfway across the Brooklyn BridgeContinue reading “In Which I Decide to go for a Run”