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Dispatch | 11.17.19

Raise your hand if you’re tired. That seems to be the current collective, universal state of things. Tiredness knows no creed, no political party, no religion. Tiredness is in the water, it runs to our marrow. And it shows no signs of abating. As the world turns increasingly dark — from here in the U.S. to abroad (see Turkey, Hong Kong, Bolivia etc. etc. et al) — it’s hard to find relief from the news cycle. The impeachment hearings are must-see TV and social media is constantly alight; who even knows where we stand on Brexit? Hilarious memes and astrology posts bidding us to look into ourselves and the stars are barely a balm, but there’s so much tiredness to overcome. And then there’s the domestic front! The dishes pile up, a mountain of laundry is never quite tackled, and my research/writing/pitching to-do lists get longer. I know it’s something of a cliche, but “adulting” is so much. The reality is, there are some days I can’t bring myself out of bed, but please allow …

Dispatch | 11.10.18

This week has felt like a decade. Between the midterm elections (I worked election night in the newsroom), yet another mass shooting, RBG breaking some ribs and near-continuous attacks on the free press, I’ve been high-key anxious all week. There’s been some light, though: I finally got to write and publish a story about a question that’s been bugging me for ages, and got two cakes out of it, to boot. Alas, the photos accompanying the story are the last taken by my beloved camera before its internal sensors shattered. Besides work, I’ve been trying to stay afloat and manage my anxiety by staying off social media as much as possible, cooking at home and keeping things tidy (my favorite form of procrastination). Non-Recipe Cleaning out my fridge last week, I realized how much stuff we still had. I hate waste, so instead of ordering take out, I put together a big ol’ salad. Just as well, since I’ve been trying to work out more and curb my junk eating (hi, Halloween), but damn, do …

New York Minute: ‘Welcome to Night Vale’

Here, the crowd awaiting last night’s live Welcome to Night Vale reading, a modern take on classic pulp and sci-fi radio shows, outside the historic Town Hall theater. The show was charming, charming, charming and so full of hahas! Give it a listen if you want old school radio play-realness, amusing wordplay and entertainment. …Long live Tamika Flynn and the Glow Cloud.

Explore + Stuff: My Self-Improvement Regimen

What follows is nothing more than a State of the Union of my pop culture spongedom. While I loves me some episodes of Bachelor Pad and the Housewives, I do like to temper my baser urges with higher pursuits, along with a soupçon of irreverent knowledge hoarding. If you’re looking for some fresh material to while away this scorcher of an August weekend, look no further.