Escape from New York: Long Island

  There we were, just wandering through Greenport, Long Island, looking for oysters and wine, when we stumbled upon this buzzy little shack upon the waterfront. Oysters? Check. Wine? You betcha. Owned and operated by Little Creek Oyster Farm, this little bait and tackle shop was the wheelhouse of a whaling ship in a past lifeContinue reading “Escape from New York: Long Island”

#EmptyMet Tour: Asses of Antiquity

I got to do a fun thing yesterday: explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but after dark! I was invited by the Yahoo! Travel team to join a ragtag group of bloggers, travel media and the odd reality TV star to case tour the joint alongside one of the original social media gurus, Sree Sreenivasan, formerlyContinue reading “#EmptyMet Tour: Asses of Antiquity”

EOD Reading List: Doughnuts, Voluntouring and More

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I am a self-styled member of the doughnut cognoscenti, so these pretty little jewels from Glazed Donut Bistro in LA are the next on my hit list. Fried chicken beignets (exactly what it sounds like) and the shrimp roll (a shrimp roll served atop a Long John) make up this insaneContinue reading “EOD Reading List: Doughnuts, Voluntouring and More”