Escape from New York: Long Island


There we were, just wandering through Greenport, Long Island, looking for oysters and wine, when we stumbled upon this buzzy little shack upon the waterfront. Oysters? Check. Wine? You betcha.

Owned and operated by Little Creek Oyster Farm, this little bait and tackle shop was the wheelhouse of a whaling ship in a past life before being brought to shore. Sitting mostly empty for the last few years, its current iteration is bright, laid-back and personality-filled as the headquarters and shipping center for the oyster producer.

As soon as our group walked in, we were greeted with, “Are you my gin-and-tonic people?” Turns out the girl behind the counter was mine and Fiona’s regular server when we used to frequent Two Boots in Grand Central Station for a post-work happy hour drink! It was a pleasant surprise to run into her so far from New York; she recently moved to Greenport toescape city life, and who can blame her? The village, with its waterfront and smattering of shops and restaurants, is at once charming, welcoming and relaxed.

Bait and Tackle Greenport

Little Creek Oysters is stocked with vintage tackle gear, oyster knives, hot sauces and even oyster tasting journals. The main attraction, though, are the buckets of locally grown oysters (current offerings appear on the wall).

We glanced at the menu before rapid-fire ordering a bottle of Muscadet, a bucket of “shuck yourself” oysters and a selection of pickles. After everyone tried their hand at prying open the bivalves, I became the designated shucker in between sips of the crisp, salty white. Talk about a perfect pairing.

More Oysters

shucking materials


Of course, you can always order the platter of oysters (and clams!) pre-shucked, but where’s the fun in that?

Little Creek Oyster Farm
37 Front St, Greenport, NY 11944

One response to “Escape from New York: Long Island”

  1. Gorge photos! Thankful there was no documentation of me slicing open my finger :/


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