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For Public Consumption | Seasonal Shift | End of Day Links

Summer bums me out. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, everything smells and can I please just take a goddamn nap already? Everyone gets SAD during the winter, but between May and September, I’m pretty much the worst. On an intellectual level, I understand why people love summer. The sun comes out en force and the world has shaken off spring allergies and any of its lingering greyness. Everything is so shiny! Carpe diem and stuff. Well, not for me. Fall, though. Let’s talk about fall.

My New Iced Coffee Fix

On Saturday, I was stumbling around a gray Brooklyn, running around conducting errands. Just my luck, the skies decided to open up right as I exited the subway in Ft. Greene/Clinton Hill. Mind you, I have about 20 umbrellas at home (just a rough count). Naturally, I didn’t bring one with me. Sigh. I decided I needed to feed my sweet tooth with chocolate, and luckily, I was across the street from Greene Grape, a well-known specialty grocer. I ducked into the shop for an impromptu mood-lifter and as I perused the shelves, came across this bottle of Grady’s Cold Brew, a “coffee concentrate.” Look at how pretty! Woefully under-caffeinated and wet, with a shift at the bar an hour away, I bought a bottle and went back into the rain.

Wine Craving: Red Tail Ridge’s Sparkling Teroldego

Listen up: if you’re not currently drinking wine from the Finger Lakes, you’re missing out. And if you’re not drinking Red Tail Ridge, well, I feel sorry for you, your kids and your future grandkids. Red Tail Ridge first came on my radar a few months back, when I doing research for an endangered grapes story I wrote. Winemaker Nancy Irelan was a peach via email (and sadly, some of her sage wisdom was left on the cutting room floor). When I finally got to try her Dry Riesling, I was hooked. Crystal-focused, light and dry, the wine is everything I love in a Riesling. Fast-forward a few months (and bottles), when a few weeks ago, I got to meet Nancy IRL and sipped the fruits of her labor, paired with delicious bites from talented young-gun chef Kwame Onwuachi. While chef Kwame served up knock-out food (taste explosion!), I kept returning to the glass for more of Nancy’s wine. Specifically, her Teroldego. Surprise, surprise: I love obscure grapes. Wine discovery is huge for me, and while I’ve had Teroldego …

EOD Reading List: Merit Badges, Cookies, Pie + More

I woke up this morning grumpy as all get out. Within minutes of waking and wiping the sleep from my eyes, I found out the hard way that the my building’s hot water was on the fritz (a rarity). As I got dressed, I fell over. My walk to the Metro North station was a hazard of black ice and I only narrowly avoided getting hit by a rude man’s nasal-ejection. To top things off, my coffee shop ran out of doughnuts… I had to settle for a Danish! Can you imagine?! Needless to say, I had myself a day, and yet, I found some goodness through it all, particularly in the links below. Turn that frown upside down: It’s Thursday, y’all! My friends over at body-positive Fat Girl Food Squad interview Toronto-based artist, Lee Mezaros. Her BE PROUD merit badge series combines the hand-crafted with whimsy and food, and will apparently be featured in Food Network Magazine‘s Bacon Issue. Enter their giveaway for one of the badges, too (my favorite is the Being a Smart Cookie one, …

EOD Reading List: Doughnuts, Voluntouring and More

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I am a self-styled member of the doughnut cognoscenti, so these pretty little jewels from Glazed Donut Bistro in LA are the next on my hit list. Fried chicken beignets (exactly what it sounds like) and the shrimp roll (a shrimp roll served atop a Long John) make up this insane menu. Next time I happen to be in CA, I’m going to tear this place to the ground in my dough-lust. [Thrillist] Here was a great essay on the perceived benefits of going on voluntours. Not sure I agree entirely, but it’s still a refreshing outlook on how the entire process may not be 100% useful. A quote: …taking part in international aid where you aren’t particularly helpful is not benign. It’s detrimental. It slows down positive growth and perpetuates the “white savior” complex… [Medium] Wanna go to culinary school? Writer Kenji Magran-Wells breaks down why your best bet may just be putting in the work. [Brokelyn] I somehow missed this post from last week, filed by Gawker’s Caity Weaver, who joined the Paula …