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EOD Reading List: Merit Badges, Cookies, Pie + More

I woke up this morning grumpy as all get out. Within minutes of waking and wiping the sleep from my eyes, I found out the hard way that the my building’s hot water was on the fritz (a rarity). As I got dressed, I fell over. My walk to the Metro North station was a hazard of black ice and I only narrowly avoided getting hit by a rude man’s nasal-ejection. To top things off, my coffee shop ran out of doughnuts… I had to settle for a Danish! Can you imagine?! Needless to say, I had myself a day, and yet, I found some goodness through it all, particularly in the links below. Turn that frown upside down: It’s Thursday, y’all! My friends over at body-positive Fat Girl Food Squad interview Toronto-based artist, Lee Mezaros. Her BE PROUD merit badge series combines the hand-crafted with whimsy and food, and will apparently be featured in Food Network Magazine‘s Bacon Issue. Enter their giveaway for one of the badges, too (my favorite is the Being a Smart Cookie one, …

EOD Reading: London’s Underground Farm, Jeppson’s Malört and More

Another grey, snowy day in New York. Up in Westchester, where my office is located, the dirty mounds of blasted hell-ice are piling, overtaking many of us in height. I’m not normally a weather-complainer, but for the love of all that is good and holy, can the clouds chill out for, I don’t know, eight or nine months? Anyway, below, I offer you some links for commute-time reading. In urban farm-related news, there’s a 2.5 acre farm 12 miles below London? Now that’s just incredible. Watch this video to learn more. [Eater] Artist Anish Kapoor, sculptor of Chicago’s “Bean” née Cloud Gate, collaborated with Absolut Vodka to produce a new interpretation of that brand’s bottle. Learn about here. [Absolut] Vice Media is also getting into the food game, partnering with the producers of American Idol for its new vertical, set to go live in March. [Ad Age] I’m all about this developing situation: Biannual food mag Cherry Bombe unveiled its lineup for its March Jubilee Conference. Though always planned, the production schedule was basically moved up …

EOD Reading: Netflix Doc Binge, Equality Brew and More

Winter isn’t letting up, so snuggle up with your favorite hot adult beverage and watch one (or all) of these food documentaries on Netflix. [First We Feast] Utah’s Wasatch Beer joins the equality booze game (alongside excellent Cremant du Bourgogne, Égalité) with their Live and Let Live Blonde Ale. [Salt Lake Tribune] Yet another reason for me to loathe Scalia, you know, on top of him just being an out-and-out MONSTER. Listen, I get it: Chicago pizza ain’t everyone’s dish, but let’s stop the snarking and just agree it’s delicious, mmmkay? [Eater] Welp, congrats seem to be in order for digital multi-channel food network Tastemade. The startup/app (play with it, it’s cool if you’re not self-conscious, like me!) inked a deal with Ryan Seacrest Productions (he of Kardashian production/American Idol fame) to develop food program for the ‘tube. [Variety] This sobering map by Steven Melendez took restaurant inspection data from the Health Department to chart all of NYC’s neighborhoods and the density of rodent citations per zip code. If you’re curious, take a gander… [Gothamist]