EOD Reading: Netflix Doc Binge, Equality Brew and More

Winter isn’t letting up, so snuggle up with your favorite hot adult beverage and watch one (or all) of these food documentaries on Netflix. [First We Feast]

Utah’s Wasatch Beer joins the equality booze game (alongside excellent Cremant du Bourgogne, Égalité) with their Live and Let Live Blonde Ale. [Salt Lake Tribune]

Yet another reason for me to loathe Scalia, you know, on top of him just being an out-and-out MONSTER. Listen, I get it: Chicago pizza ain’t everyone’s dish, but let’s stop the snarking and just agree it’s delicious, mmmkay? [Eater]

Welp, congrats seem to be in order for digital multi-channel food network Tastemade. The startup/app (play with it, it’s cool if you’re not self-conscious, like me!) inked a deal with Ryan Seacrest Productions (he of Kardashian production/American Idol fame) to develop food program for the ‘tube. [Variety]

This sobering map by Steven Melendez took restaurant inspection data from the Health Department to chart all of NYC’s neighborhoods and the density of rodent citations per zip code. If you’re curious, take a gander… [Gothamist]

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