EOD Reading List: Doughnuts, Voluntouring and More

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: I am a self-styled member of the doughnut cognoscenti, so these pretty little jewels from Glazed Donut Bistro in LA are the next on my hit list. Fried chicken beignets (exactly what it sounds like) and the shrimp roll (a shrimp roll served atop a Long John) make up this insane menu. Next time I happen to be in CA, I’m going to tear this place to the ground in my dough-lust. [Thrillist]

Here was a great essay on the perceived benefits of going on voluntours. Not sure I agree entirely, but it’s still a refreshing outlook on how the entire process may not be 100% useful. A quote:

…taking part in international aid where you aren’t particularly helpful is not benign. It’s detrimental. It slows down positive growth and perpetuates the “white savior” complex… [Medium]

Wanna go to culinary school? Writer Kenji Magran-Wells breaks down why your best bet may just be putting in the work. [Brokelyn]

I somehow missed this post from last week, filed by Gawker’s Caity Weaver, who joined the Paula Deen Cruise. Alongside Lindy West, Weaver is one of my favorite in the current Gawker stable of writers; I expected nothing less with this simultaneously glib and tender account. (And lord, the food!) [Gawker]

The East Village’s Veselka turns 50 this year, and for 30+ years, Malgorcata Sibilski has been the lady behind its borscht. Unfamiliar? Well, folks, Veselka’s borscht is a thing of dreams. The New Yorker produced this little video documenting Sibilski’s two day process, as well as its cultural ties to the Sochi Olympics. Check it. [The New Yorker]

Oh hell yeah: Chef Kyle Hanley of Detroit Golf Club is crafting a 10-course tasting menu inspired by Radiohead’s Kid A album. I can get behind this. [Chicagoist]

Facebook is set to acquire popular WiFi texting app WhatsApp for $16 billion. It’s a big deal, as there were rumors FB and the big G were quietly battling for the acquisition. Should the deal fall through, FB will still pay out $1 billion, more than what it paid for Instagram. Following the announcement, Facebook stock declined by more than 4.5%. [Mashable]

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