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Summer bums me out. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, everything smells and can I please just take a goddamn nap already? Everyone gets SAD during the winter, but between May and September, I’m pretty much the worst.

On an intellectual level, I understand why people love summer. The sun comes out en force and the world has shaken off spring allergies and any of its lingering greyness. Everything is so shiny! Carpe diem and stuff. Well, not for me.

Fall, though. Let’s talk about fall.


It’s clearly the best season. Sure, there’s all the comforting food (except gtfo, PSL, you’re not welcome), the warm sweaters, the crisp air. But there’s also something innately promising about the looming end of the year.

It’s the confluence of pent up creativity, projects as yet incomplete and that final burst of energy that finishes the race that is the current year. I can’t get enough.

This summer was mostly great. Adventures were had, oceans of wine consumed, bushels of food inhaled, but I eagerly embrace the impending fall, grandpa sweaters and all.

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