Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope

My first year anniversary in New York City is around the corner (August 15), and it’s a big day for me. While an obvious temporal marker, it is also an opportunity to reflect on my time here. As the day gets closer, I can only pause and reflect on where I started to where IContinue reading “Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope”

In Honor of Bastille Day: 5 New York City French Food “Musts”

Le sigh. What is it about French food? Though I’ve never been to France, I can’t get enough of the timelessness of a soul-warming cassoulet, or escargot dripping in garlic butter, or crunchy and light baguette. French food is, at its core, simple and life-affirming. In honor of the numerous yumgasms I’ve experienced courtesy ofContinue reading “In Honor of Bastille Day: 5 New York City French Food “Musts””

7 Songs for Your Summer o’ Fun

What a hazy, lazy, hot summer. It’s the middle of July, and at least here in New York City, it’s been nothing but heat and humidity for days. Were I back in my hometown in Southern California, I’d be spending my days driving to the beach, the following songs defining my moods, highs and lowsContinue reading “7 Songs for Your Summer o’ Fun”

In Which I Decide to go for a Run

Today, I went on a run through Brooklyn. Don’t laugh; I’m actually not the tubby, bed-ridden troll my food and wine posts will have you believe. Now, this post is more a thinky, “I have feelings about something” post, mostly about my move to this city. So there I was, halfway across the Brooklyn BridgeContinue reading “In Which I Decide to go for a Run”

Whitney + Wine: How Will I Mourn?

What were you doing when Whitney Houston passed over the weekend? I, like everyone else, bumped the shit out of her discography. And, naturally, did so over a bottle of vino. I’ve loved Whitney Houston since I was but a lad and I don’t think anything I write can properly express how much I’m goingContinue reading “Whitney + Wine: How Will I Mourn?”

Priests + Persimmons: Pairing a Spanish White with a Deadend Date

It’s few and far between that any wine leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when it’s something as delicious as this Can Feixes, from Spain. But when you get, you know, scorned or something by no less than *ahem* a priest, well, bad taste is all you have left. (Disclaimer: he was Episcopalian andContinue reading “Priests + Persimmons: Pairing a Spanish White with a Deadend Date”

City of Hush + Wonder: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of distinctly small sounds. Upon walking the cobblestone-paved avenues, one becomes acutely aware of the slow bikes making their way over canal bridges. The quiet lapping of water on the hulls of canal boats. The whispers of footprints on leaf-strewn sidewalks. Despite the city’s reputation for being laid-back, liberal and sexually-charged,Continue reading “City of Hush + Wonder: Amsterdam”

Roamin’ Holiday: Volunteering Abroad

Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen: Undoubtedly beautiful cities of light, culture and pride, that is assuming one ignores the overwhelming number of tourists. Why limit yourself to the same museums, walks and experiences as everyone else? There are other ways to see the world that don’t cost you an arm and a leg and dump you intoContinue reading “Roamin’ Holiday: Volunteering Abroad”