#WineWednesday: Que Syrah, Syrah!

The hit-parade of deliciously juicy reds continues, this time, looking at the Syrah varietal. Whether you know it as Syrah or as Shiraz (an inexplicable-yet-now-ubiquitous moniker in some parts of the world), it’s still one of the shining stars in the divine firmament that is Wine. Heck, even if you mispronounce the name, any wine-folkContinue reading “#WineWednesday: Que Syrah, Syrah!”

Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope

My first year anniversary in New York City is around the corner (August 15), and it’s a big day for me. While an obvious temporal marker, it is also an opportunity to reflect on my time here. As the day gets closer, I can only pause and reflect on where I started to where IContinue reading “Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope”