For Your Perusal: Tasty Links

People's PopsTake a load off with some of the things which caught my attention on the Interwebs today.

Ever wonder what F. Scott Fitzgerald does with leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Want a “virtuous” kale recipe from Jonathan Franzen? Well, Flavorpill has the scoop, along with some cooking wisdom from other titans of literature. 

I’ve been writing some food posts over at Afar. Check out where I’ve been sinking my teeth!

This guide to ingredient substitutions found at The Kitchn is awesome. I was floored when I found out you could substitute flax seeds for eggs in baking. Who knew?!

Mmmmm: Local Kitchen’s recipe for “chellinis” has inspired this weekend’s brunch cocktail.

My friend Raquel kicked popsicles up a notch. Coffee liqueur, greek yogurt and cocoa? Yes. Now. More.

Via Laughing Squid: Sriracha Lollipops. Now that’s a party in your mouth.

And, for those who don’t know: I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. This thrills me. (Maybe a spoiler alert?)

Good design makes the world better. This smoke detector is fashioned after the canaries miners used to detect poisonous gases. Must buy.

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