Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the mercury starts to dip, we are naturally more inclined to heartier, warming reds. You know: chewy Malbecs, bone-warming Cabs, spicy Tempranillos. But what if you prefer white wine? Vino blanco gets a bad rap during winter months. “It’s for spring,” you say? Bah! Sipping chilled white (especially from a traditionally cooler-climate country like Germany,Continue reading “Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps”

I Want You So Bad

The hardest thing about working in a wine shop is the fight with the Tasmanian devil of craving. I’m by no means an alcoholic (lest my incessant Instagram posts have you believe otherwise) but so many fun, geeky wines come through the shop that it’s all I can do to not grab a bottle, makeContinue reading “I Want You So Bad”

#WineWednesday: ‘Que Up Your Wine Pairings

Put down that beer! Yes, brewskies and BBQ are classic, but let’s go for something a little off-beat here. Whether you love your meat smoked or grilled, rubbed or sauced, sweet or spicy, wine can always be paired with that BBQ you’ve painstakingly perfected. Here are some tips for enjoying those juicy ribs and sizzlingContinue reading “#WineWednesday: ‘Que Up Your Wine Pairings”

Priests + Persimmons: Pairing a Spanish White with a Deadend Date

It’s few and far between that any wine leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when it’s something as delicious as this Can Feixes, from Spain. But when you get, you know, scorned or something by no less than *ahem* a priest, well, bad taste is all you have left. (Disclaimer: he was Episcopalian andContinue reading “Priests + Persimmons: Pairing a Spanish White with a Deadend Date”