7 Songs for Your Summer o’ Fun

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What a hazy, lazy, hot summer. It’s the middle of July, and at least here in New York City, it’s been nothing but heat and humidity for days. Were I back in my hometown in Southern California, I’d be spending my days driving to the beach, the following songs defining my moods, highs and lows for the season.

This is the soundtrack to my summer, but tell me, what’s yours?

[I’m not the most Internet savvy person, so I’ve only embedded a few Youtube links, while a more complete playlist can be found through my Youtube account. Mainly, I don’t want to get sued uploading the files to some fileshare service, so whatever. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the songs yourself.]

Youth Lagoon: Seventeen

Francoise Hardy: Le Temps de l’Amours

Milo Greene: Take a Step

Architecture in Helsinki: Wishbone

Craft Spells: After the Moment

Faunts: Explain

Papercuts: Once We Walked in the Sunlight

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