Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps

Baby, it’s cold outside! When the mercury starts to dip, we are naturally more inclined to heartier, warming reds. You know: chewy Malbecs, bone-warming Cabs, spicy Tempranillos. But what if you prefer white wine? Vino blanco gets a bad rap during winter months. “It’s for spring,” you say? Bah! Sipping chilled white (especially from a traditionally cooler-climate country like Germany,Continue reading “Chilly White Wine for Chilly Temps”

A Blast From My Wine-selling Past

Look at the baby me sell wine! Or at least try to cover some ground when someone more qualified than myself didn’t show up for the video. ANYWAY, I’m clearly nowhere near the wine education I’m at now, but hell, I think I did a good job… Tell me things! Throw stones! Point fingers andContinue reading “A Blast From My Wine-selling Past”

Apparently, Hipster Wine Exists

Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal wrote this article about Brooklyn’s “hipster” wine list, and while on the whole it was inoffensive, it got my blood boiling. Why? Because I’m so tired of hipster-trend pieces. ICYMI, it is now 2013. The wine world–just like every other industry, subculture and subset–is nothing if not aContinue reading “Apparently, Hipster Wine Exists”

Keepin’ It Real Simple: My Visual New Years Resolution

Taking a page from one of my favorite wine bloggers out there, I’ve decided to compile a few things that have inspired me of late. Sure I’ve Instagram’d these, or have them sitting on my phone, but just because I’ve snapped the shot doesn’t mean it needs to be forgotten. The only real resolution IContinue reading “Keepin’ It Real Simple: My Visual New Years Resolution”

I Want You So Bad

The hardest thing about working in a wine shop is the fight with the Tasmanian devil of craving. I’m by no means an alcoholic (lest my incessant Instagram posts have you believe otherwise) but so many fun, geeky wines come through the shop that it’s all I can do to not grab a bottle, makeContinue reading “I Want You So Bad”

Wine and Me: Contextualizing My Enjoyment

As I find myself falling more deeply in love with wine—its pleasures, its history, its nuance and subtleties—I also find myself more reflective of how I am where I am now. I was never a huge wine drinker before, and even food was a passing interest, nothing more than the food I shoved down myContinue reading “Wine and Me: Contextualizing My Enjoyment”

No Trick: Ghoulishly Tasty Reds for Halloween

All Hallows Eve is a night of mystery and disguise, tricks and treats, frights and fetes. To get in a ghastly good mood, fill your glass and channel Bela Lugosi with some bloody delicious reds. Whether you’re joining in the revelry or avoiding the things that go bump in the night, these treats are farContinue reading “No Trick: Ghoulishly Tasty Reds for Halloween”

#WineWednesday: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

  Fall is kicking into high gear, which means “so long” to the quaffable, light whites you enjoyed in the summer and “hello” to the comforting, warm reds you reach for on those rainy autumn nights. From what I can tell during my days at the shop, many of you are already trading lighter mealsContinue reading “#WineWednesday: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”