For Public Consumption | Racing Thoughts

Everyday around 5 PM, I can hear the trains rolling through Mt. Kisco from my desk. The aggressive horn starts off in the distance, and I can’t help but look at my desk clock. The sound comes closer, and I pack my bag. The doppler’d noise goes off into the distance, and I’m getting intoContinue reading “For Public Consumption | Racing Thoughts”

For Public Consumption: End of Day Links

Back in high school, I was one of those earnest little newspaper kids, working with a ragtag crew of other writer-types for the Brea Olinda High School Wildcat. When I wasn’t playing Starcraft with the other dudes in the production room, I was studying for my AP classes, catching up on late assignments or workingContinue reading “For Public Consumption: End of Day Links”

The Reading List: JBFA decisions, Taco Bell’s brekkie and more

Today was a battle of wills: either I submit a positive opinion on Sondheim’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  or I missed out on tacos. Couldn’t. Handle. The. Pressure. I wanted to travel to Flavahtown so bad, so whatever, I’m weak, but haha, a guy can lie for sustenance, right? Yes. Delicious,Continue reading “The Reading List: JBFA decisions, Taco Bell’s brekkie and more”