16 Lessons I’ve Learned After 4 Years in New York

I’ve made it something of a regular occurrence to post anniversary checkins every year at August 15, but this year, my fourth anniversary as a New Yorker came and went. Rather than a long winded essay—as is my wont—I thought it’d be appropriate to post some lessons I’ve learned so far. (Hashtag basic, amirite?) I postedContinue reading “16 Lessons I’ve Learned After 4 Years in New York”

What the what?: Baked Ziti Pizza

Pizza in New York City is such a cliché. An easily-available-greasy-cheap-rubbery-must-have cliche. I don’t know about the average New Yorker, but lord knows I have it far too often. Five times a week too often. And it’s bad, but so good. I can’t even begin to explain it: It’s a disgusting fast food Siren SongContinue reading “What the what?: Baked Ziti Pizza”

Dining Out: M. Wells Diner

A good friend invited me along to dinner at M. Wells last Tuesday, my second day in New York. Because the diner (yes, diner) is slated to close at the end of the month, my friend thought it would be a good opportunity for me to experience it. And boy, did I ever. On the same day, M.Continue reading “Dining Out: M. Wells Diner”