Message in a Bottle: “Dude, It’s Rosé Season”

Some times, you want to wander through Brooklyn on a gorgeous spring Sunday, call up one of your favorite people and share a bottle of wine at the hot neighborhood wine bar. All this before heading to said friend’s place to gorge on a large pizza and scream-chew through Game of Thrones. It’s all good,Continue reading “Message in a Bottle: “Dude, It’s Rosé Season””

It’s Too Damn Hot

You would think that as a child of the Philippines, genetically predisposed to withstand the rigors of equatorial climates (its heat and humidity) that I would have evolved cooperative sweat glands at some point. Nope. Not in the least bit lucky on that count: I’m a sweaty grease pig. And shut up, naysayers of theContinue reading “It’s Too Damn Hot”