Meandering in Montreal

So I spent the first few days of 2015 walking like a duck. Thanks a lot, Montreal.

Per our random, not-at-all official New Years tradition of traveling deeper into the very heart of winter (last year was Burlington, VT), we decided to ditch NYC’s glut of festivities, trading noisemakers and party hats for French-speaking lumbersexuals and poutine instead.

It was both of our first times in Montreal, and despite an inch-thick baby glacier covering the ground throughout the city 90% of our time there, it was actually an amazing time. (Exhibit A: My Instagram feed.)

More in-depth posts forthcoming (‘cuz guess who has a resolution to keep up?), but here’s a highlight video I stitched together of our time in the city.
As I play around with my camera, and its video capabilities, please let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Meandering in Montreal

  1. LOVE the video!!!!! But ugh, as if you weren’t talented enough already, now you have to get into video and rock it too?! Boo, you’re going to take over the world of good taste one way or another.


  2. Also, I was in Montreal in Feb 2014 and it truly is insane how cold it is up there. Not sure I can ever do it again. Though Montreal is truly lovely apart from its temperature.


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