Party of the Summer: The Governors Island Jazz Age Lawn Party

Jazz Age kiss

It’s not quite summertime in New York until you dapper up, don an ascot and take the ferry to Governors Island for a day of big brass band shimmying. For hundreds of New Yorkers this last weekend, they did just that.

Held twice a year, the Jazz Age Lawn Party transforms a sun-dappled lawn into a free-wheeling, 1920s-style party, complete with visiting dance troupes, St-Germain cocktails and tasty bites for the most erudite Gatsby fan seeking period authenticity. A highly anticipated event on many calendars, the Lawn Party attracts NYers from all walks to take in a jaunty afternoon of music and dancing, provided by the acclaimed Michael Arenella and the Dreamland Orchestra.

Jazz Age Dancers

St. Germaine cocktails

In fact, the party is the brainchild of Arenella himself, who plays emcee to a host of acts that channel the best talents of the Roaring ’20s. For some fancy footwork and era-spanning spectacle, you’ll see Gregory Moore and the Dreamland Follies take the dance floor, while chanteuse Queen Esther plays homage to classic jazz. Whatever your flavor, you’ll be surrounded by enthusiastic revelers decked out in their peacock-iest finery.

These shots, from the June lawn party, are just a sample of the revelry that goes down at this NYC favorite.

Shrimp Rolls

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Whether you’re wearing suspenders and a natty ascot or swishing around in a shiny flapper dress, you know you done good if the blue clad Bill Cunningham snaps your pic.

Though this year’s events are over for the season, mark your calendars now. If you’re ever in NYC during June or August, it’s worth time traveling back a few hours and soaking in the jazz, the booze and the pageantry of it all.

Jazz Age Lawn Party | Governors Island 

For a weekly dose of big band entertainment, check out the Dreamland Orchestra every Wednesday and Thursday at the Clover Club and Red Room.

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