#WineWednesday: Autumnal White

Need a great wine to quaff on this grey autumn night, or a tipple to ease your inevitable lively discussion during tonight’s Presidential Debate? Sure, reach for that red if it tickles your fancy, but if you want to be different (*ahem* and who doesn’t?), seek out the Baruffaldi Pinot Grigio, from the Castello di Stefanago vineyard in Pavia, Italy.
Hear me out! You may think “summer white wine” when you think pinot grigio, but this bottle will surprise you. There are slight hints of dried vegetal and earthy notes, with even a hint of candied fruit (I *think* I got a taste of apricot). Expect a range of nutty notes, some caramel, really delicious acidity, and substance on this attractive white.

Unfortunately, I’ll be stuck at the shop during the first of three Presidential Debates, so I can’t really quaff and sell, but let me tell you: if I was at home, I’d be all over a wine pairing of Campo Piano with a swiss chard polenta, like this one from Epicurious.


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