Travel Photo: The Lady of Jasper

mountain goat, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, winter, press trip, scenicThe road was clear and well-maintained. Salt, sand and snow mixed in varying quantities but it was still an easy drive, nothing dangerous for uninitiated mountain drivers. Locals, though, warned us not of the weather conditions but of traffic. Specifically, wildlife-related jams, much like the little lady above. Taking up the right lane, she happily licked salt from the road, ignoring the idling car and its enthusiastic passengers snapping photos.

She didn’t even look up.

The FTC would like me to inform you I traveled to Jasper/Banff on their dime (not the FTC’s, the tourism folks’). My opinions, antics, and wildlife-cooing are my own. If you’re an [United States of] American consumer, consider yourself protected.

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