Apparently, Hipster Wine Exists

Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal wrote this article about Brooklyn’s “hipster” wine list, and while on the whole it was inoffensive, it got my blood boiling. Why? Because I’m so tired of hipster-trend pieces.

ICYMI, it is now 2013. The wine world–just like every other industry, subculture and subset–is nothing if not a glut of choices. What a beautiful thing! The issue that irks me, though, is this need to label the thing as hipster. “Wine people” are already a subculture unto themselves. Need we create a further division?

Before I go on, kudos to the folks Teague highlighted, because they seem knowledgeable and down-to-earth about their lists and clientele. In fact, kudos to Teague, because the article was self-aware and cheeky about its subject. That said, I get that the natural wine movement needs its thing and trophy collectors need theirs, but must we also add to the Internet noise-machine by ceding more ground to hipsters? Last I checked, exploring unknown or budding wine regions like the Jura and the Balkans, much less tasting and learning about smaller, thoughtful producers, fell in the purview of anyone and everyone who enjoyed wine. Or was I mistaken? I like to geek out over things like unfiltered wine produced with indigenous yeast as much as the next guy (or gal), but to my mind, labeling it “hipster” creates an immediate barrier to entry. No one likes claiming the banner “hipster” (trust me, I understand the irony of my writing this post), but this goes beyond even perceived affiliation with hipsterdom: Can. We. Please. Just. Kill. The. Trend?

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Answer honestly: who doesn’t like affordable, interesting wine from regions we’d never known could produce awesome juice? I speak for myself here when I say it’s boring to turn back to the same region or varietal over and over again when there are literal oceans and seas of wine sitting in bottles from all over the world. These bottles and casks deserve tasting and exploring by virtue of their existence. Nothing more, nothing less. Good wine, bad wine, shit wine: all of it should be guzzled, trendiness be damned.

Is this a case of “thou doth protest too much”? Let me know what you think.

Keepin’ It Real Simple: My Visual New Years Resolution

Taking a page from one of my favorite wine bloggers out there, I’ve decided to compile a few things that have inspired me of late. Sure I’ve Instagram’d these, or have them sitting on my phone, but just because I’ve snapped the shot doesn’t mean it needs to be forgotten.

The only real resolution I have (cuz let’s face it: I’m not gonna drink and eat less) is to be more mindful.
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Balkan Wine Project #WineWednesday

How many of you can say you’ve enjoyed wines from Serbia or Macedonia? Compared to major international wine players like France, Italy and California, the Balkans get short shrift as far as the wine discussion goes.

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A Chorus of Light and Sound

I have seen a bunch of theater this year, both Broadway and Off, thanks completely to Ian and his magical theater subscription. While a lot of the work I’ve seen was great (and some not so great), I’ve never been keen on writing about them, as I am not a “theater person” in the least. As in, I don’t usually know what I would say.

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I Want You So Bad

The hardest thing about working in a wine shop is the fight with the Tasmanian devil of craving. I’m by no means an alcoholic (lest my incessant Instagram posts have you believe otherwise) but so many fun, geeky wines come through the shop that it’s all I can do to not grab a bottle, make myself comfortable and pop that cork.

Pechigo Sylvain Saux Carignan

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Wine and Me: Contextualizing My Enjoyment

As I find myself falling more deeply in love with wine—its pleasures, its history, its nuance and subtleties—I also find myself more reflective of how I am where I am now. I was never a huge wine drinker before, and even food was a passing interest, nothing more than the food I shoved down my gullet. A lot has changed, though, from when I graduated college in 2009 to now, and I’ve become so boring: I only want to eat and drink, and travel to those places where I can eat and drink. I want to consume, not just the food and wine themselves, but also their contexts, their histories. I’ve “found my passions,” and I feel like it’s been a long time coming.Continue reading “Wine and Me: Contextualizing My Enjoyment”

V is for Vintage

Whoever says print is dead is a dirty rotten liar. Case in point: Peruse the vintage and archival collection of magazines in SoHo’s VFILES [12 Mercer, 212.804.6400] and you’ll still find inspiration in the fashion stories of seasons past, or in the words of once-in-a-generation writers gracing the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or Esquire. A collaboration between Visionaire Magazine and Michael Gallagher of storied Gallagher’s Paper Collectibles, the shop is a blast from the past, and a welcome one at that.Continue reading “V is for Vintage”

Honeyed Youth + South of the Border Sky

For Mexico-based photographer Joel Sossa, youth is not fleeting, but forever. Whether capturing those lazy summer days which seemingly stretch on for infinity, or road trips through the desert with friends, his sun-soaked photos are a dreamy suggestion that love, friendship and youth are simply pure distillation of light. The 23 year old’s photography, though shot through a modern camera with a contemporary eye, feel like vintage photos from the 70s, where love was wild, free and unencumbered by the world’s trappings. The photographs seem to ooze with a nostalgia you didn’t know you had. joelsossaphoto1Continue reading “Honeyed Youth + South of the Border Sky”

No Trick: Ghoulishly Tasty Reds for Halloween

All Hallows Eve is a night of mystery and disguise, tricks and treats, frights and fetes. To get in a ghastly good mood, fill your glass and channel Bela Lugosi with some bloody delicious reds. Whether you’re joining in the revelry or avoiding the things that go bump in the night, these treats are far better than stuffing your gullet with candy corn.

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