What the what?: Baked Ziti Pizza

ImagePizza in New York City is such a cliché. An easily-available-greasy-cheap-rubbery-must-have cliche. I don’t know about the average New Yorker, but lord knows I have it far too often. Five times a week too often. And it’s bad, but so good. I can’t even begin to explain it: It’s a disgusting fast food Siren Song that just kind of exists. Any tourist’s romantic notions, frankly, are bullshit: It’s just pizza, albeit readily available and addicting.

It fulfills a need. An animal one.

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Sunday Dinner: Sesame-crusted Salmon + Watercress Salad

salmon, recipe, watercress saladMy belly is protruding more than I am comfortable with, so there has been a small effort to eat a little better. My baser instincts tell me to just sit on my ass and let the food come to me (thanks, Seamless), but my vain brain screams “no, you fat monster! Cook your food!”

The following recipe is a result of my inner nag. It’s easy, it’s light, and it fills you up with antioxidants, if you’re into that sort of thing. Continue reading “Sunday Dinner: Sesame-crusted Salmon + Watercress Salad”

It’s Too Damn Hot

Rockaway Beach, New York City, summer, beach, plansYou would think that as a child of the Philippines, genetically predisposed to withstand the rigors of equatorial climates (its heat and humidity) that I would have evolved cooperative sweat glands at some point.

Nope. Not in the least bit lucky on that count: I’m a sweaty grease pig. And shut up, naysayers of the electric comforts of air-conditioning: I understand it wastes energy but holy hells, I cannot live, breathe, survive in the womb that is summer in NYC without it. I melt from Point A to Point B (if Point B was a mere 10 yards); I DRIP. It’s not a cute look, nor is it comfortable. Continue reading “It’s Too Damn Hot”

Explore + Stuff: My Self-Improvement Regimen

Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, weekend, photography, InstagramWhat follows is nothing more than a State of the Union of my pop culture spongedom. While I loves me some episodes of Bachelor Pad and the Housewives, I do like to temper my baser urges with higher pursuits, along with a soupçon of irreverent knowledge hoarding. If you’re looking for some fresh material to while away this scorcher of an August weekend, look no further. Continue reading “Explore + Stuff: My Self-Improvement Regimen”

Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope

Twisted Duoro, Portugal, red wine, tasting notes, dried plums, dry wine,My first year anniversary in New York City is around the corner (August 15), and it’s a big day for me. While an obvious temporal marker, it is also an opportunity to reflect on my time here. As the day gets closer, I can only pause and reflect on where I started to where I am. Over a glass of wine, natch. Continue reading “Twisted Growing Pains: Life in New York City + Learning to Cope”

Sunday Dinner: Peach and Feta Salad

Cooking Channel, food, foodporn, foodie, Kelsey Nixon, Magic Hat Elder Betty, peach feta salad, peaches, recipes, summer food, summer salad, taste of summer, tomatoes, Union Square GreenmarketThere’s nothing quite like a fragrant bushel of peaches at the Union Square Greenmarket to start the mouthparts salivating. For me, cravings are often triggered by something as simple as smelling these bright, ripe stone fruits from 15 ft. away, when shopping or even eating was the furthest thing from my mind.

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Hole-y Yumgasm!: New York City Doughnuts You’d be an Idiot to Miss

New York City, donuts, gourmet donuts, Brooklyn, Manhattan, doughnuts, Doughnut Plant, Dunwell Doughnuts, tastyLook, I’m a skinny kid-turned-fat kid-turned-manageable weight kid. I’ve never been one to watch what I eat, mostly because food is too good and life is too short. And though I’ve become smarter about the provenance of the foods I put in my mouth, I will always think diets are the work of the Devil. ‘Til my dying days, I’ll probably always crave donuts/doughnuts.

Luckily, there is no shortage of gourmand-quality versions of the pastry in New York. While doughnuts are the latest foodstuff to enter the “trendy food” game (hellooooo cupcakes), it’s a development I won’t even pretend to dislike, because come on!Continue reading “Hole-y Yumgasm!: New York City Doughnuts You’d be an Idiot to Miss”

In Honor of Bastille Day: 5 New York City French Food “Musts”

macarons, bisousciao, French food, New York City, Bastille DayLe sigh. What is it about French food? Though I’ve never been to France, I can’t get enough of the timelessness of a soul-warming cassoulet, or escargot dripping in garlic butter, or crunchy and light baguette. French food is, at its core, simple and life-affirming. In honor of the numerous yumgasms I’ve experienced courtesy of the French people, then, I give this by-no-means complete list of some of my favorite French spots in New York City. Continue reading “In Honor of Bastille Day: 5 New York City French Food “Musts””

7 Songs for Your Summer o’ Fun

sounds of summer, songs of summer, music, travel, wanderlust, roadtrip music, hipster songs

What a hazy, lazy, hot summer. It’s the middle of July, and at least here in New York City, it’s been nothing but heat and humidity for days. Were I back in my hometown in Southern California, I’d be spending my days driving to the beach, the following songs defining my moods, highs and lows for the season.

This is the soundtrack to my summer, but tell me, what’s yours?

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