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About me

I’m an award-winning writer and editor interested in the intersections of wine, food, and culture. I love talking to chefs and food pros about everything beyond the plate.

I’m at my best when developing, editing, or writing intriguing stories like the political importance of drag brunch, or how my childhood lunches of Filipino food affected my upbringing, or heck, how to travel for weed in Canada.



Food, wine, travel journalism
culture writer, essayist, union organizer, inclusion and equity advocate

Content Creation

Newspaper/magazine/digital editor and reporter, video producer, recipe developer and editor, photographer

Media Expertise

Regular podcast guest, conference panelist, storyteller, public speaker, journalism mentor


  • On Learning How to Notice
    Turns out a daily blogging habit is hard. I had a good run of about a week in November, before I stopped. For me, it’s hard to come up with ideas worth writing about. (Don’t read my morning pages, lest you learn how nonsensical a writer’s sleepy morning thoughts can be.) But when I listenedContinue reading “On Learning How to Notice”
  • A Cacophony of Collective Nouns
    A pride of lions. A school of fish. A flamboyance of flamingos — yep. I had a bee in my bonnet today (not a hive of them, mind you) about collective nouns. I love them. They’re poetic, they’re nonsensical, they’re fun to think about. A shrewdness of apes. A parliament of owls or — alternatively,Continue reading “A Cacophony of Collective Nouns”
  • On Citrus Season
    Growing up, calamansi was my favorite little fruit. My mom used in so many Pinoy dishes — in our house, there was always a bit of calamansi steeped in some soy sauce, or sprinkled over garlic rice. The fruit was so sweet, the pith so tart and slightly bitter. When we didn’t buy it fromContinue reading “On Citrus Season”